Improvement Of Hardened Surface By Shot Peening

Author:  Ohsawa, M. and Yonemura, T.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.147-158)
Doc ID:  1990034
Year of Publication:  1990
In the application of shot peening to automotive parts, this process has been the commonly used surface treatment for springs. Today, a tend among automobile manufacturers is to use this process for other parts, e. g. transmission gears, with the aim of increasing durability. The authors have recently conducted several experiments on the effect of this process on soft-nitrided parts which are now undergoing remarkable development, and on widely used plated parts after they have been case-hardened by carburizing. These experiments have proven that the fatigue strength of soft-nitrided or casehardened surface is increased, and that reduction of the strength of hardened surface after plating is avoided, contributing greatly to reduction of the weight of such parts without loss of strength. Descriptors: Soft-nitriding; Tufftriding; Cr-plating; Residual stress; Fatigue strength

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