Influence Of Ageing Of A Cut Steel Wire Shot During Shot Peening

Author:  Flavenot, J. F. and Lu, J.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p. 83-94)
Doc ID:  1990035
Year of Publication:  1990
Cut steel wire shot is often used for shot peening treatments. A CW32 shot was used in this study. Surface roughness and produced residual stresses were checked during the shot peening process in order to determine the influence of ageing, wear, evolution of diameter, scattering of hardness and modification of the shots. The breaking and wearing modes have also been studied. The results obtained show the good quality of this type of shot for shot peening, in comparison with cast steel shots, provided that the cut steel wire shot has been submitted to prior light shot peening before use (prior conditioning). Descriptors: Ageing; Cut steel; Residual stress; Number of shot peening cycles breakage rate; Shot hardness

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