Influence Of The Surface Properties On The Bending Strength Of Shot Peened Carburized Steel

Author:  Hisamatsu, Kanazawa, Toyoda
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.477-484)
Doc ID:  1990040
Year of Publication:  1990
Shot peening method has been found out to be very effective for improvement of surface structure anomalies created on surface of gas carburized steel, and this method is widely applied to gas carburized gears for automotive use. For further improvement of strength of shot peened gears, bending tests were carried out by using specimens, electro-polished or paper finished after gas carburizing and shot peening, in order to find out how the bending strength is influenced by the surface properties. As a result, it was found out that both static bending strength and fatigue strength are greatly influenced by the depth of surface structure anomalies, surface roughness and residual stress. Descriptors: Carburizing; Shot peening; Fatigue strength; Static bending strength; Surface roughness; Surface structure anomalies; Residual stress

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