Modern Equipment For Controlled Shot Peening And Peen Forming

Author:  Baiker, AG
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.573-584)
Doc ID:  1990044
Year of Publication:  1990
Modern peening equipment has been developed especially to fulfill claims of the aeronautical and space industry. Today other fields like the automobile industry need peening systems with peening conditions between a narrow range of tolerance too. To fulfill these conditions the development of all types of peening machines is continuously going on. Wet- and dry-peening-equipment working on a pressure- or injector-system need measuring and regulation principles to guarantee constant peening parameters as well as conditioning and maintenance of shot. Solutions to fulfill this claims for different shot (steel, glass, ceramics) in a wide range of shot size (S70 to 8mm diameter) will be shown. Especially a new developed peen forming machine, which will be able to form cylindrical and spherical parts from a flat sheet will be explained. Descriptors: "CNC-peening and CNC-peen-forming installations"; Control of massflow; Air pressure; Nozzle path and velocity; Continuous and/or discontinuous separation of shot in size and shape; Wet and dry air-operated systems

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