Modern Simulation And Optimization Of Peen Forming Processes

Author:  Kopp, R. and Wustefeld, F.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.561-572)
Doc ID:  1990045
Year of Publication:  1990
The extremely flexible shot peen forming process permits difficult uni-axial or multi-axial curved sheet metal geometries which would require high machine effort if they are processed by conventional methods like bending or stretch forming. In the initial phase of shot peen forming, knowledge of the process was purely empirical, but considerable effort has recently been devoted to researching the technological and materials phenomena involved, developing models, and building plant and machinery capable of using computer control systems to achieve increasing component accuracy. The present contribution reports on these recent developments and on a number of investigations currently in progress at the Institut fur Bildsame Formgebung (IBF) of the RWTH Aachen. Descriptors: Peen forming; Computer aided planning and simulation of coverage; Optimization of shot peening processes; FEM-Analyses; Multi-axial peened products

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