Modification Of The Residual Stresses And Microstructures In Hard Chromium Plating By Shot Peening

Author:  Lu, Reby, Vasseur, Flavenot, Sutter
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.179-190)
Doc ID:  1990046
Year of Publication:  1990
The present study shows the modification of the residual stresses distribution and microstructure in hard chromium plating coating by shot peening. The shot peening is used as a finishing treatment before the chromium plating. The residual stress distribution obtained for different processes will be shown. Two techniques will be studied: conventional eletrodeposition and eletrodeposition by pulsed current. The results of residual stresses concerning the coating layer with and without shot peening will be analysed. It can be seen that the shot peening modifies the residual stresses state of the substrate and of the coating layer. The combination of shot peening and the pulsed current process produces the more favorable residual stresses distribution. This study shows that it is possible to optimize the residual stresses state in the hard chromium plating. The shot peening can be used as material improvement treatment of the hard chromium plating coating Descriptors: Chromium plating; Pulsed current; Incremental hole drilling method; Residual stress measurement; Crack free coating

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