Monitoring Of Shotpeening Processes By Hybrid Recorders

Author:  Bosshard, Fritchman, Badertscher
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p. 1-8)
Doc ID:  1990047
Year of Publication:  1990
Computer controlled and monitored shot peening will become increasingly important, especially in the aerospace and automotive industries where verification is required to document that a specific shot peening process and operation has been performed on a critical part. New equipment can be designed to fulfill exacting specifications, whereas existing machinery can be extensively modified and modernized. In the latter, two major areas are identified. First, parameter conversion with signal conditioning is needed. Second, signal recording with display and hard-copy facility is required. These modifications are shown for a three axis air-driven peening machine having a single shot-delivery nozzle. Signals for pressure, for example, are easily obtainable. However, shot flow rate measurement requires use of special devices with monitoring and signal conditioning capability. Devices for obtaining displacement signals are examined. Capabilities of hybrid recorder are presented. Using a modern hybrid recorder all required standardized signals can be combined, programmed and the results printed out on a hard-coppy which can be interpreted in real time, if required, in a readily understood format. Examples of printouts showing process irregularities are presented. Reasons for choice of hybrid recorder are explored. Descriptors: Hybrid, Shot peening, Programmable, Computer control, Recorder

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