Possibilities Of Improving Fatigue Properties Of Machine Elements By Pneumatic Shot Peening

Author:  Lunarski, J. and Zielecki, W.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.263-272)
Doc ID:  1990052
Year of Publication:  1990
In this paper, an essence of dynamic burnishing process called pneumatic shot peening developed in the Technical University of Rzeszow, a method of accelerated fatigue test, and some selected results of fatigue tests as well as of surface layer investigations have been presented. The following grades of steel have been tested: 50HF, H10N7K9M5, 12H2N4WA, 30HGSA with chromium galvanic plating, 40HMNA with plasma sprayed molybdenium coating, and titanium alloy TiA15.5-Cr2SiO, 2Fe1. The obtained results show, that using the pneumatic shot peening it is possible to increase the fatigue strength limit by 15 - 30%. The achieved strain hardening rate is well correlated with process parameters, its intensity and surface layer parameters what enables the process control to be simplified and fatigue strength of processed elements to be forecast. Descriptors: Dynamic burnishing; Pneumatic shot peening; Fatigue strength; Strain hardening; Surface layer; Surface roughness; Internal stresses; Alloy steels

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