Simulation Of Spherical Shaped Surfaces Produced By Peen Forming With Pointed Ball Shooting At Lower Coverages

Author:  Clausen, R. and Bruder, M.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.615-624)
Doc ID:  1990077
Year of Publication:  1990
The effect of compressive residual stresses in the surface layers of a workpiece induced by shot peening is used to create a definite shape of workpiece by the process of peen forming. Informations about all parameter concerning the forming process are a supposition of reproducable manufacturing. The shape of workpiece especially depends on the input value of workpiece-parameters (like size and material characteristics) and peening-parameters (like number, sequence and shape of indentations). Based on the investigations by CLAUSEN and MARTIN [5, 6] first new formulas has been developed, characterizing relations between depth and diameter of indentations [h(E), d(E)] and the process-parameters. Using the results mentioned above, a mathematical model to predestinate the shape of sheet metal workpieces with constant thickness and coverages (< 20%), dependent on peening- and workpiece-parameters, has been built up. It is based on a set of equations using the statement of quadric surfaces. Descriptors: Peen forming; Ball shot forming; Shape of indentations; Mathematical model

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