The Effect Of Shot Peening On Rolling Contact Fatigue Behaviour And Its Crack Initiation And Propagation In Carburized Steel

Author:  Hongbin, Qing, Eryu, Dengzhen, Zhaohong
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.297-306)
Doc ID:  1990085
Year of Publication:  1990
A series of rolling contact fatigue tests have been done by us using a carburized steel with and without shot peening. Continuous observations were carried out for the initiation and propagation of cracks. The distribution and change of the residual stress in the course of the rolling were measured. The changes of microstructure were observed with TEM. Distributions of retained austenite before and after shot peening were determined by x-ray. The contact fatigue lifetime is elongated and the crack propagation rate decreased by shot peening. In the course of the rolling, the high residual stress induced by shot peening has not relaxed after repeated rolling contact. On the basis of experimental investigations, the effect of shot peening on rolling contact fatigue behavior in carburized steel was analysed, which will be valuable for practice. Descriptors: Shot peening; rolling contact fatigue; Crack initiation and propagation; Residual stress; Retained austenite; Carburizing

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