Tighting Surface In Electric Machines Is Possible Something To Change:

Author:  Djozic Salko and Zagreb Yu
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.133-146)
Doc ID:  1990094
Year of Publication:  1990
It is necessary to provide shot peening of many items of electric equipment to arrive of high quality. Where is requirements for guaranteed mechanical properties must be introduced in process shot peening with all followed workmanship and checking. Quality of tighting surfaces to be seriously studied and examined. Failures on these surfaces can cause many undesired effects. That means quality of workmanship of these surfaces to be verified by many known methods. Very important that the hardness uniformity to be dispersed equal on whole this area. Such deviation of hardness values on the metallic faces to be discovered by some methods. If we use such way surely in process of production we will rise quality of some metallic items. Shot peening help us. Shot peening making metallic surfaces harder. For tighting joint in electric machines that is very important. It is our main aim. Descriptors: Fatigue strength; Friction; Wedge; Contact surfaces; Tighting surface joints; Ideal technical smooth surfaces; Hardness; Distribution and uniformity of equal hardness.

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