A Study About Dent Of Shot Peening And Its Application In Residual Stress Field Calculation

Author:  Jinkui, Ruiping, Mei, Renzhi
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-4, (p.159-168)
Doc ID:  1990172
Year of Publication:  1990
By pressing GCr15 steel balls with different diameters statically into 40Cr steel targets with different hardness, the relationship among diameter of dent, load, diameter of ball and mechanicall property of target material was studied. From the test results a method to determine the equivalent load during shot peening was proposed. Using the equivalent load, we can calculate the residual stress field induced by shot peening according to an analytical model proposedsed by the authors. The calculated results were verified by experimental data quite well. Descriptors: Shot peening; Residual stress; Dent

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