Shot Peening Media: Its Effect on Process Consistency and Resultant Improvement in Fatigue Characteristics

Author:  R.D. Gillespie, Premier Shot
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p. 81-90)
Doc ID:  1993047
Year of Publication:  1993
The shot peening process is most often used to improve fatigue properties of metal parts. In order to achieve optimum, repeatable and reliable fatigue enhancement from the shot peening process, the improtant shot peening parameters must be controlled. The single most critical parameter of the shot peening process is the shot itself. Without the correct quality media, all other peening parameters are extraneous and the desired fatigue improvement and consistancy of improvement will not be achieved. It is suprising how little attention is paid, particularly during processing, to this most critical parameter. Control of peening media, both in media selection and with in-process controls, is possible the easiest way to increase amount and consistency of fatigue improvement by shot peening.

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