A Comprehensive Effect Theory for Prediction and Optimization of Fatigue Improvement Induced by Shot Peening

Author:  Jinkui, Shengping, Peige, Mei, Renzhi, Xiangbin
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p.213-218)
Doc ID:  1993073
Year of Publication:  1993
A theory, in which the main influential changes induced by shot peening, the location of fatigue crack source and the fatigue properties of matrix metal are condisered comprehensively, is proposed for evaluating the fatigue improvement of shot peened specimens. Two formulae are put forward to calculate the possible values of apparent fatigue strength of thot peened speciments, by assuming the crack source is located either at the surface or in the subsurface region beneath the hardened surface layer. The apparent fatigue strength is related to different series of factors if crack source is located at different position. An "internal fatigue strength" of matal (which is about 35% higher that "surface fatigue strength" of the same metal) is used in the case when the crack initiates in the subsurface region.

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