Shot Peening Effect on Fatigue Crack Initiation of Surface Notches

Author:  J. Ferreira, L. Borrego, J. Costa
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p.238-245)
Doc ID:  1993076
Year of Publication:  1993
This paper presents results of a fatigue crack initiation life investigation carried out in notched bend specimens. The material of the specimens was the A515 Grade 70 steel. The life initiaion was pedicted for a range of the notch size. The nonotonic and cyclic mechanical properties were experimentally determined in this work. The stress notch size in the initiation life was obtained experimentally for the stress ratios of 0 to 0.4 and for shot peening specimens. A good agreement was obtained between the predictions and experimentally results for the two stress ratios. An improtant improvement of the initiaion life was observed for the shot peening specimens.

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