A Study on Residual Stress Improvement by Water Jet Peening

Author:  Mochizuki, Emonoto, Sakata, Kurosawa, Saito, Tsuji
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p.246-255)
Doc ID:  1993077
Year of Publication:  1993
This paper describes the effects of residual stress improvement by water jet peening, which is expected to improve the residual stress on various component surfaces in nuclear power plants as a preventative maintenance technique foar preventing stress corrosion cracking and fatigue fracturing. Numerical analysis is performed to clarify the fundamental mechanism of residual stress improvement, and various tests are done to determine the fundamental characteristics of and suitable conditions for the residual stress improvement. Fundamental tests confirm the applicablility of the water jet peening technique for necluear power plants that can improve residual stress.

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