Optimization of the Residual Stresses Induced by Laser Shock Treatment and Fatigue Life Improvement of 2 Cast Alum Alloys

Author:  Peyre, Merrien, Lieurade, Fabbro, Bignonnet
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p.301-310)
Doc ID:  1993082
Year of Publication:  1993
Surface treatments are becoming more and more important in the mechanical industry and their number is yearly expanding. Indeed, besides the commonly used treatments such as shot peening or nitridation, some new techniques are being developed like primary explosive [1] or laser shock waves [3,4] particularly to improve fatigue properties of mechanical parts. In previous studies [2] the effects of laser shock treatment on the residual stress field and fatigue behaviour of steels were investigated. The aim of the paper is to present the results of investigations on the effects of laser shock treatment on two cast aluminum alloys used in the automotive industry. In fact, we just tried to demonstrate the feasibility of laser shock waves to stengthen zones in cast aluminium alloys and to give optimized conditions for the treatment.

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