Some Aspects of Stress Peening of Coil Springs for Vehicle Suspensions

Author:  Eckehard Muller
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p.341-348)
Doc ID:  1993085
Year of Publication:  1993
Stress peening of coil springs is getting more and more popular, because it causes better durability or weight reduction. In this paper after some fundamentals it is presented special aspects of stress peening or dependency between stress peening and other characteristics of compressive coil springs for vehicle suspension. The relation between the amount of load during peening and the durability is shown. the positive dependency on stress corrosion is demonstrated. The accordance between the model of local durability and the distribution of crack starting points is proved. Further the relaxation is not negatively affected by stress peening. At least a developed loading tool is shown.

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