Effect of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Life of Axially Loaded Notched Components

Author:  J. Akber, S. Kyriacou, A. El-Zafrany
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p.349-358)
Doc ID:  1993086
Year of Publication:  1993
This investigation examines the effects of shot peening upon the fatigue life of notched laboratory samples subjected to axial cyclic loading. The material used in this study is a 7075-T73511 aluminium-zinc alloy. The tests involved assessing the fatigue life of the material in the as-machined and peened conditions at room temperature. Four specimen types have been used with different geometries characterized by a range of stress concentrations and stress gradients. The experimential data provides strong evidence of the beneficial effects of the peening treatment upon the fatigue life of components subjected to tension-tension loading. The extent of life improvements has been found to be a funcion of the stress concentration factor.

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