Fatigue and Heat Transfer Behaviour of Shot Peened Aluminium Alloy

Author:  MC Sharma
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.207-212)
Doc ID:  1996067
Year of Publication:  1996
In the present investigation glass beads and zirconium oxide shots were used as media to shot peen aluminium alloy specimens. Fatigue and boiling heat transfer behaviour of this alloy after shot peening was studied. Out of 0.2N and 0.4N peening intensities, 0.4N gave higher improvement on fatigue strength and boiling heat transfer. Fatigue behaviour of butt welded aluminium joints were also studied. Shot peening with zirconium oxide shots at 0.4N intensity was found to be more advantageous than glass beads. Welding reduces 19.4% fatigue stength compared to virgin samples, but shot peening could improve fatigue strength by 12% compared to welded samples. Effect of corrosive (3N Nacl) environment on fatigue strength ws also studied.

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