Investigation on Shot Peening Strengthening of Rene'95 Powder Alloy

Author:  Ru Jilai, Wang Renzhi, Li Xiangbin
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.338-347)
Doc ID:  1996082
Year of Publication:  1996
Redisual stresses, microstructure and density of HIP Rene'95 powder superalloy due to shot peening have been investigated. The amount and size of microporosites can be reduced by shot peening, resulting in increasing the density of the alloy. The amount of y'-phase in the surface plastic layer is decreased from virgin 45% to 25%, which is then increased to following heating. The subgrain size can be broken from original D.=0.179(um) to D=0.015(um) due to shot peening, which does not grow remarkably within 650 (C). Besides, compressive residual stresses and microstresses are introduced by shot peening. All changes mentioned above result in enhancing elevated temperature fatigue strength of Rene'95 powder superalloy.

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