Fatigue Crack Propagation Behaviours in Shot Peened Layers of Metals

Author:  Z Feng, J Zhang, X Chen
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.432-437)
Doc ID:  1996089
Year of Publication:  1996
In this paper, effect of shot peening on fatigue crack propagation behaviours has been studied by means of surface crack growth method in 2Cr13 steel and ZM5 magnesium alloy. The results show that effect of compressive residual stresses on crack propagation rate is larger than that of material hardened by shot peening, it results obviously in the decrease of sruface crack growth rate in shot peened layer, and causes a "Turn Back" phenomenon of fatigue crack growth front line on fatigue fracture surface. A model is proposed for distingushing the effect of compressive residual stresses on crack growth rate from that of material itself of hardened layer.

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