Fundamental Aspects of Shot Peening Coverage Control Part Two: Simulation of Single and Multiple Impacting

Author:  M Y Abyaneh
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.448-455)
Doc ID:  1996091
Year of Publication:  1996
The nature of some of the inaccuracies, which be introduced in the calculation of coverage when a shot peening practice is substituted with a computer simulation, is discussed in detail. One source of inaccuracy is removed with the introduction of two concentric windows. another source is shown to stem from the choice of the dimension, R, considered for simulation area, in comparison to the dimension r, considered for each impression. For this reason coverage is formulated for all ratios of R/r. The effects of the overlap of impressions with the edge of the simulation area is fully accounted for in the formulation.

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