Fundamental Aspects of Shot Peening Coverage Control Part Three: Coverage Control Versus Fatigue

Author:  M Y Abyaneh, David Kirk
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.456-463)
Doc ID:  1996092
Year of Publication:  1996
Increasing coverage as shot peening progresses invlves multiple impacting. Over-peening will induce cracking and reduce fatigue and corrosion-fatigue performance. Equations for multiple impacting [Avyaneh MY 'Fundamental Aspect of Shot Peening Coverage Control Part One: Formulation of Single and Multiple Impacting' ICSP6] is used here to demonstrate, quantitatively, how the proportion of the total coverge due to specific numbers of impacts changes as coverage increases. These changes have also been simulated using computer-generated drawings involving random-number coordinates for circular centres. The effect of multiple coverage on fatigue performance is discussed.

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