Non-Destructive Residual Stress Measurement Using Eddy Current

Author:  Hong Chang, Fred Schoenig, Jack Soules
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.356-384)
Doc ID:  1996099
Year of Publication:  1996
A series of experiments to determine whether eddy currents can be used to nondestructively measure the residual stress induced by shot peening Ti6A14V and Aluminum 7075 plates was performed. the SmartEddy module, which is a commercially available eddy current testing instrument, was chosen and modified to achieve optimal performance for this research. Experimental results indicate that the eddy current testing system we have developed can measure the intensity of the residual stress induced by shot peening for both Ti6A14V and aluminum 7075, and can estimate the stress profile, as a function of depth for aluminum 7075.

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