Metallic Shot and Grit Mechanical Testing

Author:  SAE
Source:  SAE: J 445 Apr96
Doc ID:  1996112
Year of Publication:  1996
Forward - Shot testing machines differ in detail, but are alike in the fundamental principle that a sample of shot is subjected to repeated impacts on a target. The percentage of breakdown is readily determined by means of a screen analysis. These data can be used to check the unifromity of shipments or to determine the relative fatigue life. The results obtained from thesing machines are not intended to be used in establishing consumption or cost in production machines because of other considerations not duplicated in the laboratory. However, the machines can be used to test incoming shot for consistency and comparative life with previous shipments of the same type of shot from the same manufacturer under laboratory conditions. Some machines can be fitted with standard test strips to measure energy transfer. Note - Shot particles may be subject to multiple impacts in a test machine. The target material of test machines are made of hard steel to resist wear during testing. Hard shot is more elastic than soft shot. Due to these considerations and their influence on shot failure, care must be exercised when analyzing results from this accelarate, laboratory testing.

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