Steel Grit, Shot, and Cut Wire Shot; and Iron Grit and Shot Blast Cleaning and Peening

Author:  U. S. Specification
Source:  MIL-S-851D, Notice of Cancellation, Superseding Notice 2 13/Dec/96
Doc ID:  1997009
Year of Publication:  1997
Mil-S-851D, Dated 31 Auguts 1990, is hereby cancelled, future acquisitions should be make usin the current following SAE documents: Type I cast steet grit should be replaced by SAE J1993 Type I cast steel shot should be replaced by SAE J827 These documents should reference SAE J444 for sizes. Type II cast iron grit and shot should be cancelled without replacement. There are no known domestic manufacturers of the material. Additionally, no users of Type II could be identified. Type III steel cut wire (shot only) should be replaced with SAE J441

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