Gage for Measuring the Intensity of Shot-Blast peening using Non-magnetic Test Strips Held in Place by Spring-Loaded Plunger

Author:  Jack M. Champaigne
Source:  US Patent 5,877,405
Doc ID:  1999000
Year of Publication:  1999
An Almen type gage to measure the deflection of a test stip relative to a supporting surface to provide an indication of shot blasting intensity includes curved surfaces extending from the support surface for supporting the test strip. A holding block is also mounted on the support surface. Plungers carried by the holding block opposity the curved surface clamp the test strip between the spring loaded plungers and the curved surface. The holding block is undercut to accommodate the test strip so that the weight of the holding block is not borne by the test strip and the test strip is retained on the supporting surface by the force of the spring loaded plungers clamping the test strip against the curved surface. Since the weight of the holding block is not borne by the test strips, the holding force is constant and the weight of the holding block does not corrupt measurement of the deflection of the test strip.

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