Optimisation of the Shot Peening Process in Terms of Fatigue Resistance

Author:  Romero, Rios, Fam, Levers
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7; Warsaw, Poland
Doc ID:  1999006
Year of Publication:  1999
Shot peening is widely used to improve the fatigue properties of components and structures. Residual stresses, surface roughness and work-hardening can be identified as the main effects induced in the surface layers of the material, which depend on the correct choice of the peening parameters. A thorough characterisation fo the shots used as well as the development of the method to obtain the peening intensity at saturation point was undertaken. The effect fo the shot peening variables on the surface changes of the 2024 aluminium alloy due to shot peening are examined experimentally. The development of a methodology to performed fatigue life prediction of the shot peened components is outlined in order to optimise the shot peening process and to determine the best levels of the process variables in terms of fatigue resistance.

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