Towards Peen Forming Process Optimisation

Author:  D.S. Gardiner, M.J. Platts
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7; Warsaw, Poland
Doc ID:  1999007
Year of Publication:  1999
The modelling of peen forming is currently addressed by modelling local impacts. This is adequate for small surfaces with no other mechanical imputs. However, most components that are manufactured by the peen forming method have large surface areas and, in many cases, some level of prestress is imposed on the part during the peening operation. Simple through-thickness nodelling of peening effects is thus necessary to so that attention can be focused on developing maps of planned peening intensity over the component, in combination with elastic preloads, to achieve desired shape change outcomes. The paper reports new modelling approaches being developed for this in Cambridge University's Manufacturing Engineering Department.

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