Investigation on the Microstructure Changes of NiCrAIY Coating Due to Shot Peening Plastic Deformation and Aging

Author:  Wang Renzhi, Ru Jilai
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 33-41)
Doc ID:  1999013
Year of Publication:  1999
NiCrAIY coating achieved by means of arc plasma deposition (APD) was used to protect DD3, a kind of nickel base single crystal superalloy, from elevated temperature oxidation. Phase analysis, microstructure and density of the coating in different states including diffused, plastic deformed and aged after peening plastic deformation have been investigated. It has been showed that the shot peening plastic deformation can not only transform order Ni3Al phase, matrix of coating, into disorder one as well as dissolve NiAI phase precipitated during diffusion treatment but also increase the density by 30%. It has also been pointed out the NiAl phase can be precipitated again from plastic deformed matrix Ni3AI at 1100

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