Roughness of Shot-Peened Surfaces - Definition and Measurement

Author:  R Clausen, J Stangenberg
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 69-77)
Doc ID:  1999017
Year of Publication:  1999
The ISO (or DIN) standards specify the bases fore determining the surface roughness. Shot-peened surfaces, however, are only dealth with in passing. There do not exist any exact measuring specifications taking into account the characteristics of shot-peened surfaces. That results in roughness values that are not always directly comparable with each other since they can be measured in different ways. This article exemplarily shows variations in measuring values occurring in spite of measurement in line with ISO. Finally, there is formulated a proposal for measuring the roughness and for indicating the roughness parameters of shot-peened surfaces taking into account the findings made.

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