Near Surface Microstructures in Mechanically Surface Treated Materials and Their Consequences on Cyclic Deformation Behaviour

Author:  I Altenberger, U Martin, B Scholtes, H Oettel
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 79-87)
Doc ID:  1999018
Year of Publication:  1999
Modern mechanical surface optimization has come into a stage way beyond mere empirical concepts. Especially surface characterization methods have significantly contributed to a more thorough understanding of fatigue mechanisms. Using some important model materials, in this paper a survey of tpical surface finishing induced microstructures is given. A combination of mechanical, electron microscopical and X-ray methods currently has proved to be most effective to provide information about near surface properties, if 'tailored' surfaces are to be aspired at. Special focus is put on the stability of near surface microstructures during cyclic loading and its conseuence on cyclic softening/hardening behavior as well as crack initiation and propogation. Finally, it is demonstrated that with appropriate heat treatments after shot peening further surface optimization can be achieved.

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