The Residual Stress Distribution in Shot Peened Carburized Steel Under Fatigue

Author:  Kisuke Iida, Yozo Hirose
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 96-101)
Doc ID:  1999020
Year of Publication:  1999
Shot peening increased the fatigue strength of various machine parts. This effect consists of the compressive residual stress and work hardening in surface layer. But it is reported that on annealed 0.45% carbon steel the residual stress induced by shot peening was relaxed in fatigue process 1)2). So, in this study carburized steel was tested. Residual stress distribution of carburized steel differs from annealed 0.45% steel. The maximum compressive residual stress of carburized steel is larger than that of annealed 0.45% steel. The distribution of shot peened carburized steel was not changed in fatigue process.

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