Effects of Shot Peening on Process of Carburization and Selected Strength Properties of Steel 18 HGT

Author:  A Nakonieczny, T Zolciak, G Monka
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 135-144)
Doc ID:  1999023
Year of Publication:  1999
The influence of shot peening before carburization and conditions of the process of carburization on the selected properties of 18 HGT steel specimens have been tested. The results show that the pre-strains of surface layer of the specimens provide for obtaining of the higher concentrations of carbon in the layer and, except fatigue contact strength, the obtained values of Zgo, Rg, Rm, and Ro.2 on the level corresponding to the results of tests with unpeened specimens. In case of specimens with martensite structure containing small quantities of retained austenite, specimens quenched from the temperature of the process had better results of the tested properties than those which were quenched from the lowered temperature.

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