Behaviour of Shot Peened Electron Beam Welded S. S. Plate Samples Under Combined Reverse Torsional & Bending Cyclic Stress

Author:  V S Nadkarni M C Sharma
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 161-166)
Doc ID:  1999026
Year of Publication:  1999
For further knowledge of fatigue behaviour of materials and welded joints under combined stress fatigue, fatigue testing equipment was necessary to develop. The desired equipment could apply cyclic torque and bending deflections to the test specimen. It could allow independent and easy adjustment of mean and amplitude values of each type of deflection. Mechanism was capable of providing adjustable phase shift between torque and bending cycles. Arrangements were provided for measurement of angle of twist and deflection. Shot peening was found to be benefitial even under combined bending and torsional fatigue. The improvement in fatigue life was up to 100%

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