Numerical Simulation of Multiple Shot Impact

Author:  S T S Al-Hassani
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 217-227)
Doc ID:  1999033
Year of Publication:  1999
This paper reports the results obtained from a numerical simulation using the Finite Element Method of three cases of shot peening: 1) single shot impacts normal to the target with three different impact velocities; 2) a five shot successive series of normal impacts along a line and overlap, causing ovalisation of the indentation; 3) a single shot impact at an oblique angle to the peened surface. In the analyses the material was considered to exhibit linear-elastic behaviour with a non-linear work hardening characteristic, and a strain rate dependency. The shakedown effect is a natural consequence of the material elastic plastic model behaviour used in this solution procedure. Several other important features associated with material strain-rate dependency and work hardening, hitherto unreported in the literature, are observed and discussed in detail. Possible explanations of the results are presented.

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