Shot Peen Impact on Life, Part 1: Designed Experiment Using Rene 88DT

Author:  M Tufft
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 244-253)
Doc ID:  1999035
Year of Publication:  1999
Shot peening, long recognized for its potential to increase life capability, can also cause the reverse effect. The results from a designed experiment (DOE) were analyzed to identify shot peen factors (shot size, peening intensity, incidence angle and % coverage) correlating with a decrease in life capability. This aper presents the original data and analysis from the designed experiment. The following two papers present the results from follow-on efforts, including single particle impact tests using production shot to identify material response under a variety of conditions, as well as microstructural evaluation & residual stress measurements for each of the peening conditions investigated. This led to the development of a predictive model which can be used to characterize a lower-bound low cycle fatigue life for the Nickel-base superalloy, Rene 88DT.

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