Tight Tolerance Peen Forming With On-Line Shape Control

Author:  S Kittel, W Linnemann, F Wustefeld, R Kopp
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 301-307)
Doc ID:  1999041
Year of Publication:  1999
To achieve exactly shaped peen formed parts one must know and control all essential peening parameters. Variations in geometry and material characteristics can be compensated if the actual shape and contour of the peened part is measured on-line and the peening parameters (mass flow, shot velocity, mass per unit area etc.) are adapted accordingly. A newly constructed measuring / peen forming tool and its control system that calculates the actual peen forming parameters will be presented together with results of first applications. When peening convex curved component parts tolerances down to 0.2 mm are possible.

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