Instrument For Nondestructive Measurements of Stress Depth Profiles in Shot Peened Aluminum Alloys

Author:  K J Kozaczek, P R Moran, D S Kurtz, R Martin
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 313-320)
Doc ID:  1999043
Year of Publication:  1999
Controlled surface compressive stresses are often applied to critical structural materials to improve the fatigue properties by reducing the probability of crack initiation and propogation. Techniques such as shot peening, water jet peening, laser shock peening, cold working, and roll burnishing are commonly employed to impart the comrpessive stresses. We evaluated the feasibility of using diffraction of short wavelength radiation (deep penetrating) for evaluating average subsurface stresses in aluminum alloys shot peened to different levels of deformation. A new technique has been developed, which determines the average stress nondestructively in the range of 0-300

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