Shot Peening Influence on Tribological Characteristics of Surfaces

Author:  D Adamovic, M Babic, B Jeremic
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 350-358)
Doc ID:  1999048
Year of Publication:  1999
For the proper choice of finishing operations, it is necessary to know the laws of expression of certain effects of individual types of machining as well as parameters of the machining regime and conditions of their realization, on relevant parameters of the surface topography (height, shape and structure of micro geometry), physical - mechanical status of surface and the residual stresses in the surface layers. Results of laboratory investigations that are being presented and analyzed in this paper are directly related to the mentioned effects of application of the shot peening process - as the finishing machining operation, together with their tribological valorization, by the friction and wear tests.

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