New Laser Technology Makes Lasershot sm Peening Commercially Affordable

Author:  James J Daly, James R Harrison, Lloyd A Hackel
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 379-386)
Doc ID:  1999051
Year of Publication:  1999
Lasershot sm peening, a surface treatment for metals, is known to induce compressive stresses of over 0.040 in. This provides a damage tolerant component more resistant to various forms of stress related failures than more traditional forms which induce residual compressive stress. This process developed in the 1970's has now moved from a laboratory curiosity to an affordable process for industry. We have developed a unique solid state laser technology employing ND: glass slabs and phase conjugation capable of producing 100 joules at 10 hertz. We have demonstrated the ability to use this technology by employing a five axis parts handling and manipulating system enablign rapid throughput.

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