The Application of Peening by Water in the Closed Vertical Vessel

Author:  Salko Djozic, B. Sc.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 395-399)
Doc ID:  1999053
Year of Publication:  1999
It is desirable to have this vertical container made by stainless Steel or protected against corrosion with high resistant coating. By two vertical pipes coming in vessel water with velocity 40 -50 m/sec over two applicable jets. Blast of such water dropping water under pressure on teh rotative wheel with its shaft. On this wheel can be fixed metallic items to be treated by water peening. On the top of Cover is placed some additional vent valve. On the Cover is placed one chanel with axial fan to facilitate steam done going out by water drops shocking on the metallic items for peening. On this way made steam water going out and not increasing internal pressure. All remainded water going - falling down in conical part of this vertical container. Jets with water arranged over peening items practical covering whole wheel in normal circulation drived by two conical gears connected with electric motor. It is very easy to assembly whole plant to put immediately in operation. It is destinated for scientific research laboratory. Can be replaced from one area to other. It staying on the four spheric wheels rolls. Can be pushed and pulled on the area where is necessary. On the wall can be installed plastic glass window just for looking checking.

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