The Shot Peening in the Closed Metallic Chamber

Author:  Salko Djozic, B Sc
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 400-404)
Doc ID:  1999054
Year of Publication:  1999
At which way will be performed the Shot Peening Process is presented on the sketch freely designed. By electric motor is drived whole process in this small space protected by metallic shell. Two driving gears doing the rotative motion. Main thing is provided by SNAIL TRANSFER special fabricated for horizontal movement - left - right. Electric motor work going normal others motors except something additional attached - connected THYRISTORS for exact change sense of motor rotation. Item to be treated can be fixed with lower shaft drived by gear. It is fixed by two flanges on the left - right side with flanges and bolts. That means this axle is removable - down to make space for further process of Shot Peening. Flexible elastic pipes connected with moving box of Snail Transfer. As well in this area is very important system lubrication, dust removing by suction and protection of becoming dust. Whole device can be very small and can brought by hands depending of user wishes scientific research laboratory or Workshop in manufacturing process.

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