Manual Peening With the Rotary Flap Process

Author:  P G Bailey
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 405-414)
Doc ID:  1999055
Year of Publication:  1999
The use of Rotary Flap Peening for local area repeening of blemished surfaces is not new. It is often used to adjust the straightness or roundness of tubular parts. Because the process is manual, it is considered by some to be not very reliable or reproducible. Recent developments, however, demonstrate that when the process is adequately controlled it can be quite reliable and reproducible. This paper describes a series of experiments that evaluated several critical factors for their effects on achieving consistent intensity values. The factors were: (1) flap rotation speed uniformity of three tool types, (2) flap standoff distance, (3) operator technique, (4) flap stiffness, (5) part cleanliness. The author makes recommendations of critical equipment selection and operator techniques to achieve reliability levels approaching conventional shot peening processes.

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