Activation of Surface in Gas Nitriding Process

Author:  J Baranowska, K Szczecinski, M Wysiecki
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 426-431)
Doc ID:  1999058
Year of Publication:  1999
The authors carried out tests on the possibility of intensifying the introduction of nitrogen into materials by increasing the number of active centres on teh material surface. The effect was obtained by pre-preparing the surface through bombarding the samples by nitrogen ions accelerated in high-voltage electric field. Later the samples were treated by nitriding in gas atmosphere. The influence of cathode sputtering parameters on the thickness of nitride layers was investigated. Parameters of sputtering process such as voltage, intensity and time were changed. Moreover, the roughness of the samples after cathode sputtering was measured. It was observed that the higher voltage and intensity were, the thicker nitride layer and the higher content of e phase were obtained. Time of sputtering had no influence on the thickness and morphology of compound case as well.

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