Single Piece Wing Utilization Via Advanced Peen Forming Technologies

Author:  S Ramati, S Kennerknecht, G Levasseur
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (extra)
Doc ID:  1999062
Year of Publication:  1999
DFMA-Design for Manufacturing and Assembly was employed by IAI and NMF Canada Ltd. to reduce total costs for the Galaxy aircraft program. Reduction of part count, elimination of costly joints, reduced assembly time and improved performance are all advantages of large monolithic structures replacing smaller multi-piece assemblies in the aerospace industry. Wing designers are no exception, seeking to design lightweight stiff structures composed of fewer parts to manufacture, track and assemble. While materials strength, aluminum alloy plate size and machining technology have advanced steadily over the years, the ability to form increasingly complex curvature wing skins has traditionally limited many designs to multi-piece assemblies. By combining advanced shot peen forming with mechanical pre-stressing and warm forming techniques, NMF has developed a system to meet the technological requirements for modern aircraft wing design.

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