Calibration of Vibration Shot Peening Fatique Life and Limit Residual Stresses After Technological Process

Author:  Salko Djozic, B.Sc.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-7 (pg 359-361)
Doc ID:  1999069
Year of Publication:  1999
Wohlers curve shows us behaviour of steel materials under permanent loading, resistance of material Knowledge, that the Shot Peening helps and saves material from the residual stresses. Fatique of material must be under checking. Causes of fatique can be different but vibrations must not have value for decreasing mechanical properties. Speaking in general Shot Peening increasing fatique stresses and higher qualitiy is evidented - improvement in the fatique limit if is following Wohlers diagram. Same thing is in HOOK'S LOW - betterment of mechanical properties.

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