Precision Shot Peening

Author:  Keiji Mase, Yoshio Miyasaka
Source:  Fuji Kihan Co., Ltd.
Doc ID:  2000007
Year of Publication:  2000
In these days, due to appreciation of a high yen rate, the Japanese industries, particularly export industries encounter severe conditions such as downsizing in plant and equipment investment, thus, low cost and high efficiency are further required. Since there is a few natural resources in Japan, it is necessary to develop products each of which is produced from a cheap material, can be useful for long period, has small size and weight, and has high quality and additive value. This necessity is related to the proposition for conservation of natural resources. The WPC Treatment is one of the working methods meeting with the necessity. The WPC Treatment is heat treatment for surface of a metal product characterized in that shot of 40 to 200

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