Trowel Having Imposed Blade Stresses and Method of Manufacture

Author:  LJ McComber, IA; JD Murders, AK
Source:  US Patent 6,032,320
Doc ID:  2000017
Year of Publication:  2000
A trowel and related method of manufacture in which residual stresses are intentionally imposed upon the bottom working surface and/or the top mounting surface of a trowel blade. Stresses can be imposed, for example, by glass bead peening, shot peening, rolling, and/or brushing the metal trowel blade. Stresses are built up to a working stress level that remains substantially constant with further use of the trowel against abrasive, spreadable surfaces. Imposed stresses on the top and bottom surfaces can also be used to vary the resulting curvature of the blade. [60] Continuation-in-part of application No. 08/727,871, Sep. 11, 1996, Pat. No. 5,791,009, which is a division of application No. 08/377,323, Jan. 23, 1995, Pat. No. 5,697,265.

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